Our History


In 1965, brothers Ken and Norman Staab purchased their first Pizza Hut Restaurant in Hays, Kansas.  They based their company’s culture on working hard and having fun.  That attitude became the driving force to their success as the company grew.  By 1972, they had expanded to over 30 locations in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.  When Pizza Hut went public, Ken and Norman decided to sell their restaurants to Pizza Hut.  The brothers went separate ways but both continued to develop Pizza Hut restaurants.

Ken began the next part of his Pizza Hut journey by opening Alliance, Nebraska, in 1973.  By 1990, he added 30 locations to his business.  A strong family culture developed along with a team high on capability and tenure. Ken’s operating company become known as Staab Management Company in 1994 and the restaurant development continued.

The family culture continued as three of Ken’s sons took on roles in different parts of the organization.  Dave Staab, Ken’s oldest son, became Director of Operations in 2001 and continues to drive the leadership principles that have driven success over the years as the President of SMC.

Staab Management Company has now grown to 68 Pizza Huts.  The family has expanded its operations to include motels and commercial real estate developments.  The Staab Companies continue to focus on a long term vision of success by investing not only in its hard assets but especially its people capability.

About Us

At Staab Management Company we are all about three simple things.




We sell​ service for a living and have been doing it for a long time.  We are proud to be part of the largest pizza restaurant chain in the world and don't take our heritage lightly.  As with any business we cannot survive,  grow and reinvest in our people and our assets if we don't make money.  Every year we are looking for ways to make our business function better and be more profitable while not short changing our customers.  When it comes to celebrations and having fun, we are second to none.  We learned a long time ago having fun is what makes it all work.




You have two options to team up with Pizza Hut to help your organization raise money.  See your local store manager to get additional information.


Option #1:

These handy cards are the size of a credit card so are very convenient to use and sell.  On the back side there are 12 offers on stickers for free items at Pizza Hut.

Sell each card for $10  After selling period is done, return the unsold cards to Pizza Hut and pay $1 per card that was sold.

Your organization or group makes $9 on each card sold!


Option #2:

Work with the Pizza Hut Manager to decide on a night and time during the week to have your Fundraiser Night.  ​​​During the selected time and night, a certain percentage (determined by Manager) of Pizza Hut’s total sales will be donated to your group or organization.  ​

Make sure to let everyone know in your group or organization about the night so they can come eat and tell their friends and family.  ​If your group or organization has any kind of newsletter or other contact with their members it is encouraged to place an ad or article about the Fundraiser Night to publicize it more.

​Pizza Hut will come up with a flyer with information about the night for you to print off and hand out to everyone ​

Our Locations



Ainsworth​     Albion​     Alliance​     Auburn​     Aurora​     Beatrice​     Broken Bow​     Chadron​     Columbus​     Cozad     Crete​     Fairbury​     Fremont     Gordon     Grand Island 2nd Street     Grand Island Diers     Grand Island Locust     Gothenburg     Hartington​​     Imperial     McCook     Madison     ​​​Minden     Nebraska City​     Norfolk​​ 25th St     Norfolk Benjamin     Ord​​     Schuyler​     Sidney     St Paul     Tecumseh     ​Valentine​     Wahoo​     Wayne​​     West Point​​     York


Cambridge     Mora     Pine City​     ​Princeton


Abilene     Concordia     Council Grove     Great Bend Main St     Great Bend W 10th St     Herington     Hesston     Hillsboro     Lindsborg     Lyons     McPherson E Kansas     McPherson N Main     Minneapolis     Newton

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President: Dave Staab​ ​​

Director of Operations: Jim Molacek

 ​Human Resources: Lois Smidt​​ 

Marketing: Krissa Abraham 

Chief Financial Officer: Kirk Shuck​ 

Controller: Marc Julian​ 


Receivable: Krissa Abraham​ 

Accounts Payable: Kelly Voss or Shelly Lily 

Payroll: Lois Smidt, Deana Anderson or Shelly Lily​ 

Information Technology: Jeff Gregg or Quincy Krase​ 

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Staab Management Company

3048 W Stolley Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68802, US

(308) 382-1053